Free, Heal, And Awaken Your Life!


A New You is Knocking!

Limitless 101 is a wellness service offering transformational life coaching, gentle and restorative yoga sequences, guided meditation, reiki services, and nature walks that incorporate yoga, health and wellness topics, and meditation to individuals who have survived life’s circumstances.  

Limitless 101 additionally offers products to extend healing with pain, symptoms of health concerns, and symptoms of anxiety through natural wholistic approaches to health and wellness.  Limitless 101 works to free, heal, and awaken the lives of those who have experienced trauma and want more from where they currently are.  

Limitless 101 is geared to empower survivors of trauma. Clients who can benefit from Limitless 101 includes anyone who has experienced complicated or unfavorable relationships with their parents or caretakers in childhood, a rough break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, a divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, physical or emotional imbalance with a partner and even an employer, and any other loss that caused that person to stop breathing, living, or believing in themselves.  


Your Wellness is Worth It!

Limitless 101 is an online and community resource providing transformational life coaching, gentle and restorative yoga sequences, guided meditations, and reiki services, wellness activities and workshops to stimulate an elevated level of consciousness toward the lifestyle my client desires. 

This elevated state of consciousness that is gained will allow my clients to begin journeying to heal and become free from the remnants of the trauma they have experienced.  

Limitless 101 empowers clients to be more productive in their life roles at work, with family, with friends, and in their communities by increasing their awareness, helping them to be more present in the moment, choose healthier options that support the body to function at it’s best.  

Limitless 101 essentially works with the trauma they have faced by working to free each individual from self defeating and negative thoughts, lowered self-confidence, and racing thoughts by quieting the mind and bringing peace to the mind. We also work to free our clients from anxiety and fear that act as a barrier to desires and goals being attempted and fulfilled. At Limitless 101, we work to bring freedom. We pursue bringing to life the inner vision that our client desires through wellness and healing the perpetual patterns of today.  


Supportive Journey

Committing to a better you is just that!...It's a commitment.   But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. 

My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, tools and support while accomplishing lasting success.